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EvilTrap is a religion-centric project that is aimed at testing the knowledge of Bible verses, facts and people mentioned in it, and the basic foundational truths it preaches.
Answering the questions about Bible places, the books of the Bible, the fundamentals of Christian faith, famous stories from the Bible as well as other Bible-related matters the players can compete with each other and check if they can be called Bible savvy believers!
Besides, on this theological portal, one can find prayers for almost every moment of one’s life including the most important prayers, prayers for any part of the day, and prayers for special occasions like the prayer before Communion or the prayer before studying.
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Prayer to St. Roch against Diseases

O Great St. Roch, deliver us,

we beseech thee,

from the scourges of God;

through thy Intercessory,

preserve our bodies from contagious diseases,

and our souls from the contagion of sin.



Obtain for us salubrious air;

but, above all, purity of heart.

Assist us to make good use of health,

to bear suffering with patience;

and, after thy example,

to live in the practice of penance and charity,

that we may one day enjoy the happiness

which thou has merited by thy virtues.



St. Roch, pray for us (say three times)